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Volunteer Committee Members Needed

Village Council is looking for community volunteers for new Adhoc Committee.


Earlier this month Council formed the Stirling Wind Project Coordination Committee.  The volunteer group will meet over the coming months with the goal of bringing recommendations back to Council.  The group will operate under a 4 point mandate:

  • Maximize the economic benefit of the Stirling Wind Project for Village residents.
  • Minimize potential negative impacts on local quality of life.
  • Develop policy and program recommendations to Council as appropriate to support the mandate.
  • Establish a communication strategy for stakeholders.

The committee will have representatives from Council, Emergency Services, the School and the community at large.  The committee will have up to 7 members.  The Village is looking for individuals interested in participating in this organization.  Those involved will ultimately present recommendations to Council.

If you are interested please contact the Village office at 403-756-3379 or by email:

Village Council would like to thank all the members of our community who volunteer hundreds of hours every year in our community.

General Information about Local Community Volunteer Committees, Boards and Groups

Every year hundreds of volunteer hours are needed to help make things happen in our Village. From Stirling Settler Days events to Board Member participation volunteers do everything from giving time to run activities, to sitting on a board that makes decisions that set the direction for the Library, Cemetery, Recreation Activities and Bylaw Review groups.

From time to time Council looks for people to sit as board members on the Recreation Committee, the Library Board and in other volunteer capacities.  If you are interested in helping to set the direction for the future of the Library or if you have ideas to help make our Settler Days and Fall Festival, or want to be involved in other Village programs please submit your name.

Volunteers will then be appointed by Council to various committees.  Terms usually last from 2-3 years, but can longer.  Please contact the Village Office to put your name forward.  Volunteer submissions will be gladly accepted.



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