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CHAUTAUQUA 2017 – Full Schedule Online. Purchase Theater Production Tickets Online Now

Stirling & Raymond Hosting Chautauqua this WeekendMormonTrail Logo

Two days of fun scheduled for Southern Alberta on June 16-17.  Activities fall under the main themes of the event including Education, Cultural Arts, Spirituality and Recreation.  Chautauqua 2017 is sponsored by the Canada Mormon Trail tourism initiative.

Chautauqua Schedule

Click for larger view:  Chautauqua Schedule 2017 – Stirling
~                                   Chautauqua Schedule 2017 – Raymond




Chautauqua Live Theater Production Show – THE DIGGERS

Raymond is hosting the “The Diggers” at the Community Theater Wednesday – Saturday.
BUY TICKETS online at Cardston Community Theater website:

This musical Chautauqua Live Theatre production of “Diggers: Taming The St. Mary” is the second in the  original Chautauqua Live 4-part series. Part one of Chautauqua Live, “Are We Not All Strangers?”  artfully depicted Treaty 7 and the settling of Cardston & area by the Mormon pioneers. “Diggers” is a continuation of that beginning and the story of Magrath.

Levi Harker had a vision. But it would take more than a Sheepman’s vision to make Magrath the Garden City he saw. Charles Magrath had a vision, too, though of a different sort. After convincing investors of the wisdom – and the necessity – of his plan, he set to work. And with 115 miles of canal to be dug by hand, that work would be no picnic.

Could the Mormons be the answer to taming the St. Mary and turning the prairie into the pastoral paradise that both men envisioned?

Here, they encounter one of the greatest challenges yet and discover the lessons of faith, hard work, and miracles.

Chautauqua’s Got Talent Featured Each Night – Friday and Saturday

Stirling hosts the “tryouts” Friday at 7:00 p.m. – Reunion Centre ATCO Stage (25 Contestants)
Raymond hosts the “finals” Saturday 6:00 p.m. – Victoria Sports Park Center Stage (10 Finalists)

First place prize $2000.  Come see some awesome southern Alberta talent.



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