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Council Passes New Animal Control Bylaw

New Animal Control Bylaw Allows for Chickens on all Residential Lots and Establishes a Animal Maximum

Stirling Council passed a new Animal Control Bylaw at their July 7, 2017 Council meeting.  Bylaw No. 471-17 institutes changes which now allow for poultry permits to be issued on residential lots smaller than one (1) acre.  This will allow for backyard chicken coups for any residential parcel within the Village.  A residential lot of less than one (1) acre can now have a permit for up to eight (8) chickens while a lot one (1) acre or greater can have up to 25 chickens.

Another change included in the new Animal Bylaw is a new definition of the lot size allowing livestock (including horses) within the Village.  A lot one (1) acre in size or greater may be issued a permit for two (2) livestock per acre.

The new  Animal Bylaw has also established a maximum number of livestock.  A permit can be issued for two (2) livestock per acre up to a  maximum of 10 livestock.

There are also new permit fees and penalty fines.  A livestock permit is $25 per animal.  A poultry permit is $25 flat rate and is not dependent on the number of chickens.  Fines are $250 for a first offence and $500 for each subsequent offence.

To view the full Bylaw:  Bylaw No. 471-17 Animal Bylaw

To print off a copy of the permit application form:  Bylaw No. 471-17 – PERMIT APPLICATION

Council Steps to New Animal Bylaw

The process to update the Animal Bylaw started in the fall of 2015 when Council formed a review committee which included members of the public and Council.  The committee was charged with the mandate to recommend changes to the existing Animal Bylaw.  After meeting throughout 2016 the Committee brought forward a draft Bylaw for Council review.  Council passed first reading of the draft Bylaw in May of 2017.  Council then sought feedback from the public over the next 6-weeks.  All comments and letters were reviewed by Council and the review committee.  A final recommendation from the review committee was presented to Council.  Then on July 5, 2017 Council passed third reading of Bylaw No. 471-17.

The Animal Control Bylaw governs all animals within the Village excluding dogs and cats.  Dogs are governed under Bylaw No. 423-08 Dog Control Bylaw.

Everyone with Horses or Chickens Must Have a Valid Permits.


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