Mayor’s Message

Stirling is a great community in which to raise a family and set down roots. In fact, families have been doing just that since the first small group of thirty settlers arrived in May of 1899. We are proud of our agricultural heritage as well as our designation as a National Historic Site.

While we respect the past, we are also embracing our future. Most residents can now access reliable, affordable high-speed internet through fibre optic connections direct to the home. Our school and largest employer is undergoing a modernization and expansion that promises to create new opportunities for both students and community groups.

We are fortunate to have many active community members that help to organize festivals, take care of our facilities and provide a broad range of activities to appeal to our very youngest residents right up to our seniors who built the community. We are also well served by dedicated volunteers of the Fire Department who continually invest their time and efforts in ongoing training to enhance their capabilities.

There are many home-based businesses in our community offering a wide selection of artisans, tradespeople and skilled experts to solve just about every problem. A convenient business directory is available on this website.

I’m committed to helping Stirling continue to grow and develop such that residents can expect high quality amenities like our pool and community centre while doing our best to deliver the lowest service delivery costs. As we benchmark our performance against neighboring communities, we will also chart our own path that reflects the unique needs and strengths of Stirling.

Trevor Lewington
Mayor of the Village of Stirling

Village Office

Mon. - Thu., 8 am - 4 pm