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Time to Get Your 2018 Business License

Local Storefront Businesses Require a Current License

Stirling’s Business License Bylaw No. 445-13 requires all businesses to have a valid and current Business License.  If you have a been issued a License in the past you will need to renew it for 2018.  All Licenses issued in a calendar year expire on December 31 at 12 midnight of the year they were issued.  All renewals can be done a the Village Office with payment of License fee.

If you are operating a new business or haven’t previously been issued a License you will need to fill out an application form and visit Village office to get your 2018 License.  Every business is required to annually renew their business license at the current rate.  The local Business License fee for 2018 is just $15.00.

Home Based Businesses Must Also Renew License Annually

A home based business or home office or any type of business operating out of a residential property must also have a current and valid Business License.  If you are running a home based business in addition to the business license you are also be required to have a valid development permit.  In most cases keeping your development permit current requires the home based business to get a Business License every year.

A home based Business License fee is just $15.00.  All Business License holders can have their business promoted on our website business directory.

Non-Resident Businesses Working in Stirling

All businesses working within the Village require a valid Business License.  To apply for a License visit the Village Office at 299 4 Avenue during regular hours.  The non-resident Business License fee for 2017 is $60.00.

Application Form

Before a Business License will be issued you must fill out an application form.  The forms are available at the Village Office or you can print one off using the link: Bylaw 445-13 Business License Application Form.  You may also require a Development Permit prior to being issued a Business License.

Business License Bylaw

The Bylaw acts as a type of registration requirement for all businesses operating within the Village.  A Business License does not replace the requirement of having a Permit prior to operating a business.  You can view the Land Use Bylaw to see requirements for both home based businesses (Home Occupations) or Commercial district businesses.  To review the Business License Bylaw click this link: Business License Bylaw.  If you have any questions about the Bylaw you can contact the Development Officer at the Village Office at 403-756-3379.

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